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Things You Can Do to Know If you are Purchasing Real Hair Extension

When you are looking for hair extensions, you will come across the synthetic and natural hair, and it is always essential to go for the latter if you want to look beautiful. Although the human and synthetic hair extensions are slightly different, it can be challenging to differentiate them especially when you are purchasing it for the first time. The article provides guidelines on how to identify real hair extensions from the synthetic types.

Sometimes it might be challenging to know if you are purchasing a synthetic or real hair and when you face such confusion, it is crucial to conduct a burn test with a strand of hair. Since the fake hair are made up of synthetic materials, they will smell like rubber when exposed to flame and produce black smoke while real hair burns naturally and forms small curly balls.

It is easy to get real human hair extensions when you identify some of the top dealers in these beauty products. When a particular seller gets good reviews on their website, it shows that they do not mix the human and synthetic hair and they deal with high-end products.

It is necessary to check the color details of the hair extension to verify if it is a natural type or synthetic. The natural hair extension should either be black or brown as those are the primary colors of the hair. Buying hair extensions which come in the natural colors and later dye them can help you achieve different looks.

The hair extension is priced differently based on the quality, and you should check through the price range to know the average cost of each type. Even if you are getting price discounts on the human hair extension, you should always be prepared to pay more as compared to the synthetic hair to show that you are purchasing the best types.

You should be careful when combing your hair as excessive shedding can be a sign that you have purchased synthetic hair extension. You can prevent the shedding process by ensuring that the extension is perfectly weaved and also comb from tips to the roots. You can click to read more here about the hair extension.

The hair extension can either be curled or straight but the natural types should always curl up when you wash them. Although the real hair extension experiences tangling, you should keep away from those which tangles too much.

The ability to differentiate natural hair from synthetic hair extension gives you the power to know the best brands that will highlight the beauty of your skin. You should know the ideal place to source your hair extension and proper research will lead you towards some of the best beauty care stores. Click here to learn more:

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